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The Food Gallery is Faqra catering's exclusive brand name in the world of industrial catering. A market Leader Company located in the heart of Beirut-Lebanon with the necessary Infrastructure and Know-How to handle all your catering needs and services.

The Food Gallery has developed specific menus based on outstanding culinary experience unlike any other. We appeal to all the senses by using the highest quality to create visually innovative menus and present the best human resources to grant value-added services.


The Food Gallery has grown over the years and has acquired a leading edge technology to produce freshly-prepared pre-packed daily meals.

Some of the industries we cater for:




Our Company is based on the belief that our client's health needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs by providing well balanced meals custom created to each patient's health requirement.

Clemenceau Medical Center, affiliated with John Hopkins Medical Centre in New York.


Business Industries:

Whether a meal in the company cafeteria or a quick bite on the go, Faqra catering's industrial sector is equipped to accommodate your daily corporate routine.
We provide freshly made daily meals as well as any conference and social needs to many corporate companies in Lebanon.


Fransabank (Hamra)
Banque MED
Banque Libano Francaise (Fassouh, Hamra)




Faqra Catering is happy to provide you with a home away from home to all our campus dining halls. We are prepared to cater to any of the faculty events, student organization needs, student elections, and any on campus meetings and conferences. Whether it is our daily meal, a formal meeting, conference or social event, Faqra Catering is there to accommodate your campus life.
Notre Dame University
Université Saint Joseph (Campus des Sciences Humaines, Campus des Sciences Medicales, Campus des Sports et de L'Innovation)

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